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&Sons Revisited @ Cross Street


It has been so many years since the first visit so that kind of nudged us for a return. Afterall, Raffles Place over the weekend is happiness for us these days. No crowds, no queues and best of time wasted for food.



Garlic and Herb Foccacia ($5)

Foccacia loaves a stack of love, crusty edges and pillowy soft innards. I have a love hate affair with bread and this was clearly a love.


Cherry Tomato and Avocado Bruschetta ($15)

These bruschettas were less satisfying than the focaccia itself, it could have been the avocado and tomatoes that made it slightly soggy.


Baccala Cakes with Sea Urchin Sabayon ($18)

Cod cakes which could be passed off as crab cakes were a crispy delight. I love the crisp exterior and creamy sea urchin sabayon. The only grouse was, the sea urchin was not obvious in taste but definitely made up in colour.


Trofie with Crab and Nduja ($24)


Caserecce with Duck Ragu ($24)

Their pastas are strangely on the bland side though they sure looked darn tasty.


Spanish Pork Ribs with Butter Potatoes ($26)

Of all the mains, the portion was most generous with such tender ribs. I would have loved abit more char on the ribs but otherwise, really tasty.


Roast Cod with Salsa Rubra ($29)

Mildly fishy, not the best cod I have eaten and meh-dinary at best.


Grilled Whole Italian Seabass with Rucola (for two) ($48)

One whole fish was served and ours arrived with a gaping mouth.Pretty worth while if both are fish lovers, otherwise the portion is great for a hungry one.

20 Cross Stret

TKY - SIN : Singapore Airlines


I was definitely not looking forward to leaving Japan and returning home, what more when we are leaving via Haneda which according to travellers is alot smaller and has fewer shops than Narita Airport.

We checked in early enough for some time at the ANA Lounge and I found a spot with such a pretty view of the aeroplanes.



Sake fresh from the tap?



These intrigued me but I was not up for sake so early in the day, unfortunately.


More spirits, anyone?


The lounge area was spacious enough to throw a party even with plenty of counter seats and cushion seats which were all occupied.


A rather limited selection of cold and warm dishes were available. Nothing fancy, just good enough for nibbles before more food on board the plane!


Abit of everything got me a full plate of food, even.


Salad in Japan is a different ball game altogether, exceptionally crisp greens and even a normal dressing tastes great.


This hole in wall ramen collection point almost went unnoticed had it not been for a fellow diner.


Udon, ramen, soba, you name it they have it.


Ramen with pork broth was tasty enough for the last bowl of ramen before we bid Japan farewell.


Definitely the ramen shops would have fared way better but it was really a decent attempt by the hot kitchen.


Gluttony probably got the better of me when I caved into a bowl of curry soba.


Curry don too.

It wasn't long before it was time for take off and with the most grudging footsteps I bade Japan farewell.


The usual nibbles, except it would be nice if they actually gave more than a packet?


Western or Japanese, I thought we could have the best of both worlds.


Smoked Salmon with Potato Salad

Anything smoked salmon is a no brainer for me and Japanese potato salad? I'm sold.


Roasted Christmas Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing
Winter Vegetables and Potatoes
Just because it is christmas and a seasonal special, I had to order it. Unless I was sure to fly SQ again for next year's christmas.

Dry and to some extent cardboard like, I enjoyed the winter vegetables and potatoes far more than the protein itself.


Always pick Japanese, if you're flying out of Japan.



This was impressive, especially for airline meals. The assortment and taste even was up to expectations. 


Japanese Cold Noodles

This time round, the soba was way better than the cha soba enroute to Tokyo.


Japanese style braised pork with vegetables and steamed rice
Hearty warm stew to go with rice, this was homecooked up in mid air and so tasty.


Red bean icecream with rice balls!


Though this looked pretty far off from the projected image but still a really ingenious combination and something different from the usual magnums or cornettos. On the sweet side, but I was relishing every bite!

Cafe de l'ambre @ Ginza, Tokyo


Cafe de l'ambre has been serving coffee since 1948 and what sets this apart from the hipster coffee joints is, it is so well hidden that I did not realise Ginza had such a hidden yet charming gem.



Jars of different types of aged beans.


Roasting is done on-site and the aroma was intoxicating.


Snippets of accolades from the past to present.



The whole cafe exudes a certain vibe that traps time, as if I got transported back in time to 1948. Perhaps it was deliberate, and perhaps it wasn't but everything was dated.


Even this bar counter that had seats with a swivel. Suddenly, ordering coffee over a bar counter like that became very hip.


A mishmesh of assorted pieces put together in this open concept kitchen.


Hand dripped coffee was what we came for and it was very intense watching the bartender manually drip the coffee in a fascinating robotic manner.

Was it the obsession with the craft? Or just a whole lot of passion that keeps him going.Well, maybe both.


The coffee only menu showcases a range of blended coffees, straight coffees and even desserts if one is game. This was the Blanc et Noir "Queen Amber", served in a champagne glass with sweet milk and iced coffee.


Oh shakers, so classic.


And cigarette trays too.


I got drawn to this coffee machine emblazoned with their logo and the char stains.


Their beans are easily more than 10 years old and fall under a ton of categories which read like greek to me. That said, this was the whiskey of coffee - aged and fragrant. Each bean would tell a story in the most cliche manner, but it does.

From the roasting methods to the country of origin. Single shots start at JPY 770 and double JPY 970. Prices were updated as at August 2016 so until the next price hike, treasure this little gem, I hope the legacy continues.

I love how they specialize only in coffee, without the fancies of too pretty to eat cream cake.

Cafe de l'ambre
8 Chome-10-15 Ginza, Tokyo.