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Burp Kitchen @ Tanjong Katong Road


Burp Kitchen's second outlet opens at Tanjong Katong Road after a well received first at Bedok Reservoir. Apart from being a lively pub by night, by day it is also a gastro pub with brunch offerings.


It baffles me when beer is consumed in the day but I suppose that's how Sundays should be? Beer-o-clock alll day! They serve a range of draft and craft beers, cocktails too if you're up for it.


Spicy Buffalo Wings ($14)

Can never say no to buffalo wings and the gamble to take is always if the wings are served soggy, too saucy or not even tasty. Nonetheless, the worries were unfounded it was absolutely delish. KFC no longer stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, it's Korean Fried Chicken and I'm happy to say these are way better than the Korean ones.

Crispy to the bone, the batter is so addictive I was this close to gnawing at the bone even. Spicy sauce could do with more heat but that made finger licking just so good.


Bacon Quesadilla ($9)
Chicken Quesadilla ($9)


It's surprising how the quesadillas end up being cheaper than the wings, but these make pretty good bar snacks too. The rule of thumb being, anything with cheese cannot taste half bad, toss in grilled chicken or bacon, it's a clear winning recipe.


Burp-ed and a return is a must!

Burp Kitchen
259 Tanjong Katong Road

Laaf Bistro Revisited @ East Coast Road


After our memorable first visit, I was keen to check off other items on their menu and hooray to an empty bistro.


Caprese Salad ($14.90)
Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato, Arugula, House Pesto

I can probably replicate this at home without much fuss since we both deemed this overpriced for the portion. Literally half a tomato and five slices of mozarella cheese over a couple of arugula leaves and drizzled with pesto sauce.


Chicken Avocado Wrap ($16.90)
Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Japanese Cucumber, Beetroot, Mango Salsa, Avocado, Wasabi Mayo

Beet stained wrap, lettuce and cucumber made this quite an unappetizing sight but the wrap actually tasted pretty good together except the portions was once again lopsided.


Pork Chop ($16.90)
Mango Salsa, Sauteed Potato Hash, Asparagus, Vine Cherry Tomatoes

Two hearty portions of pork chops and drizzled with a tantalizing mango salsa. While I thought portions are lopsided for selected mains, I am more than happy to have this again. Homecooked with a touch of finesse and possibly my favourite main course on their menu.

How long more will this be kept a hidden gem secret, I am not so sure but a third visit is definitely on the cards for these pork chops.

Laaf Bistro
37 East Coast Road

Talay Kata @ Orchard Central

~Invited Session~


Mookata was trending previously, and Talay Kata comes along to redefine the Thai Buffet Experience with not just one but three concepts! "Talay" means Seafood and "Kata" refers to skillsets, the   utensils used for Thai Barbecue to bring out the best taste and essence of the ingredients.


Diners are in for a treat at this multi concept buffet featuring steamboat, mookata and also cooked food!


DIY som tam!


The array of cooked food for the ravenous, I always enjoy having cooked food first during a buffet if self cooking is also required - at least this keeps those hunger pangs at bay!


These tamarind prawn skewers remind me of street food somehow!


Tons of goodies for the steamboat!


Look out for the cheese balls which was super satisfying when the cheese pops in my mouth!


Before you think this is seafood on ice, it is but these are raw and meant for either steamboat or mookata.


Bacon was spotted amidst the baskets of meats.


My self mixed papaya salad which could do with a weebit more punch, the lime juice used was on the sweet side. Otherwise, it was great fun! I made my own papaya salad from scratch previously and it was anything but a breeze, the amount of effort put into preparing the ingredients and when I finally ate it, it was heaven on earth.

So try the DIY section without any of the fuss of creating your own, this is rojak only better!



The cooked food section albeit limited was very tasty, particularly tom yum fried rice and those spiced wings.


Steamboating in progress starts with a fill of tom yum goong. It would have been great if there's bird's eye chilli on standby to adjust the level of spiciness.


Mookata with an awesome ventilation system in place, I'm totally not a fan of smelling like my food.


The copious amounts of meat good for one serious carnivore even. If only the experience also came with a mookata cook on standby, this would have been the best BBQ experience ever.

To be fair, the spread for cooked food, steam boat and mookata was considerably extensive and they also have a cooked food buffet option available for lunch and dinner launching come 21 April too! Look out for these favourites which I definitely had trouble stomaching all. The dishes like zichar ones are best consumed piping hot and I had a hard time picking a favourite because all were legitimately Thai!


 Braised Chicken


Fried Salted Egg Sotong


Fried Thai Basil Fish


Gai Satay


Grilled Chicken


Sambal Lala


Kang Kung Belachan


Save some room for dessert which features a special corner for their sticky rice special! 


These hand kneaded sticky rice balls come in an assortment of colours and flavours.  


And toppings too! The idea behind is to toss in as many toppings as one fancies, mix and eat!

Fruits and icecreams are also available for the less adventurous.


This ended up my favourite with a sweet and savoury finish. Chicken floss, hae bi, coconut milk, pumpkin and candied nuts even. Aroi mak mak!


As with all buffets, please do not over order nor over take and result in unnecessary wastage.

Weekday Lunch : Adult $18.80++ /  Child $9.40++
Weekday Dinner: Adult $28.80++ / Child $14.40++

Weekend Lunch: Adult $27.80++ / Child $13.90++
Weekend Dinner: Adult $33.80++ / Child $16.90++

Talay Kata
181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central , #08-04/05

Man Man Unagi Restaurant @ Keong Saik Road


I proudly declare that I braved the torrential rains for this.

Is it a milestone even? Because these days the measure of a glutton is the number of queues I've been in, spent a ridiculous amount of phone thumbing before I make it to nabbing a table.

Perhaps the mindset is I would readily do so overseas but grudgingly accept this as a way of life locally and lo and behold, the hottest table for some months now still belongs to Man Man.


Enter and be greeted with occupied tables, it seems like a constant to have the restaurant occupied.


Chef was showing off his chops when he saw me pointing a camera in his direction - well trained by the influx of over zealous instagrammers and well, diners in general.


We all queued for these slithery slippery creatures in their tanks - for the record, I saw none residing in the tanks.


There's no such thing as having a private conversation at Man Man and that just signals faster turnaround time unless you're fine sharing your secrets with everyone within earshot and getting harried to go once the last morsel disappears from sight.


Kimoyaki ($9.80)

Eel liver to be precise and I do not even partake of chicken liver, nor pig's but exceptions are made for goose. The char and glistening grease on the ugly knobs of flesh made this less inviting, save for the fragrance.

However, I was sold. On the ugliest things they had to offer. Bursts of butter with such intense fragrance, liver is my newfound friend, eel liver to be exact and move over foie gras, it's eel liver.


Large Hitsumabushi ($35.80)

The whole menu revolves around eel, obviously and after that patience testing queue? Go biggest, or go home.

This large unagi donburi features three different ways of eating this, and it seems to be an art behind this even.

1. Proportion the eel into four portions, the first to be eaten it with rice.
2. Get creative and adventurous with the toppings and seasoning by the side. Freshly grated wasabi does give this an added delicious punch.
3. Tasty clear broth comes to play in this third way to consume unagi don.


I still enjoyed it best the second option, eating it with a heap of spring onions, dash of wasabi and seaweed.


A pity refills were not offered.


Like the eel liver, there was a droolicious char and without a doubt, very delicious. Almost the best that Singapore has to offer at this price point, I have had enough of rubbery and sugar topped unagi dons retailing at supermarts and sushi joints.

Man Man did the eel reasonable justice and no grain nor inch of eel was left untouched.


The big question still remains, would I do this again?

Man Man Unagi Restaurant
1 Keong Saik Road, #01-01

长顺 Chang Shun (Charcoal) Hong Kong Style Roasted @ Neil Road


长顺 Chang Shun (Charcoal) Hong Kong Style Roasted is a crowd puller over lunch time at Neil Road. Queues can snake way over to the KTV next door but thankfully they move equally fast.


Char Siew Roast Pork Rice

Done the local way with sweet sauce drizzled and served with sliced cucumber and steaming hot rice. The roast pork is a deal sealer for me, crispy, fatty and meaty in that order, except the portion could be bigger. Is it me or roast meat portions are always never enough? Rice is always far more than the meat and I'm left wondering if I should top up for more meat.

A side of sour vegetable duck soup comes with every order, be lucky and you'd fine a meaty duck carcass afloat in someone's bowl.


Char Siew Wanton Noodles 

The noodles are the bomb, literally. Springy throughout the meal, almost never losing any bite which is awesome possom for someone who is on the anti soggy noodle fan group.


Three plump wantons were sufficient to win my vote for yummy. I threw in an extra braised egg for more satisfaction and while the char siew was lean and tasty enough, its the other second fiddles that won me over.


A side of blanched greens for good measure after such a not so healthy but so worthwhile meal.

With Foong Kee losing favour due to their rising prices and rougher service, Chang Shun is worth switching camps to. 

长顺 Chang Shun (Charcoal) Hong Kong Style Roasted

120 Neil Road
Henly Huat Drinks Food Court