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Honestbee Delivery: Empress Place Beef Noodle

Food deliveries are my lifesavers on rainy days, lazy days and any other day I feel I deserve a break and food sent to my doorstep would just make it a whole lot better. With the stiff competition these days, vendors like Honestbee have also branched into food delivery for the share of the fat pie.


Empress Place Beef Noodle was the only option next to JK Don for Asian and we were all keen to see how soup would survive a delivery, arrive piping hot and still be as comforting as if I were to dine in at the coffee shop. To be fair, I've only known Hock Lam Beef Noodle as THE beef noodle.


Beef Char Kuay Teow ($7.80)

I see no difference between fried beef kuay teow and this though it was clearly already missing out on wok hei and my food was served hardly piping hot and kuay teow was already soggy.


Beef Kuay Teow Dry ($9.80)

We were all wondering if dry beef kuay teow meant laksa noodles with a starchy sauce over it but it turned out similar to their beef kuay teow soup with alot less soup and chilli served with it. Beef slices here are sliced as thin as those used in shabu shabu.


Beef with Tendon Kway Teow (Soup) ($9.80)

The only plus point with this is, soup and noodles are served separately with an additional portion of soup too just in case we wanted more soup. Heavy on innards and probably simmered in them for hours, this had a certain pungency to it and I'm no offal fan to even like it.

Delivery was prompt with an update when my rider was approaching. Overall Empress Place Beef Noodle isn't my kind of beef noodle, from the beef to the noodle infact.

Two Men Bagel House Revisited @ Icon Village

Two years ago, I was won over by bagels.
Two years later, the same guys proved it was not by hat trick that their bagels are stunning.

Freshly made in house daily, the lunch crowds speak for themselves when we are talking about a full population of salad chugging and laksa slurping office crowd. And, the queues are always snaking, tables are full too.

Piglet ($8.50)
Montreal bacon served with deep fried potato patties,lemon garlic aioli, runny eggs and greens

The ultimate power breakfast combo with hash browns, eggs and bacon paired with my choice of garlic bagel. This all day brunch item would give the mcmuffin a huge run for their money - though one portion of this gets me 4 mcmuffins.

Dense bagel with a delicious bite, it is a no brainer how satisfying this all american breakfast combination is almost fool proof spot on.

HogV2 ($13.90)
Bbq pork ribs served with pickled purple and granny smith slaw and raw yellow onions   

Pulled pork and slaw on a caramelized onion bagel which was all sweet, sweet and sweet. A huge pity though if the bagel were saltier, that balance would have been perfect. Otherwise, loved the seasoning of the pulled pork and slaw.

The best of both worlds. 

Cute boys, on point bagels, I'd be back. 

Two Men Bagel House
Icon Village #01-12

Guenpin Fugu @ Maxwell Chambers

~Invited Session~


I consider eating fugu as one of those items on my bucket list to check off and despite having been to Osaka, my guts failed me in the face of Fugu. What the...fugu, really. Guenpin Fugu hails from Japan and they are the largest fugu restaurant chain there. Singapore is their first overseas stop and the 32 seater serves torafugu and snow crabs in their ala carte and full course menu.



Torafugu is a premium grade fugu and there are a few styles that this delicacy can be enjoyed - tessa (thin) or butsusashi (thick slices), karaage, sushi, grilled, hotpot and also have it served in congee.


Zeitaku Course ($168/head) feeds 2 comfortably and menus start from $88.





Parboiled Puffer Fish Skin Sashimi


Tasteless on its own, this crunchy delight is best consumed with their grated radish, spring onions nad soy sauce.  


Thick Sliced Puffer Fish Sashimi

Between the tessa and butsusashi, I prefer the latter somehow. Chewing on the thick slice snug in a lettuce leaf and toppings is more satisfying than the thin slices.  


Snow Crab Sashimi

These are so sweet and is what crab meat should be all about, not the processed version that I shamelessly adore too. The only pity is these are just enough to whet the appetite and not fill me!


Deep Fried Snow Crab

Almost like tempura, the thin layer of batter fried till golden brown is appetizing at first glance. Together with a squeeze of lemon, get ready for a crabbylicious time - If I can, I would love to just eat snow crabs for the rest of my life and never have to bother about the smaller crustaceans. Meat is so sweet and tender, the only grouse is these crabs are not as meaty as the Sri Lankans. 


Snow Crab for Grill



Watching this bubble and crack over the grill was therapeutic but needs a ton of patience. Smoked goodness and I wish this had the portions of the large Sri Lankan mud crabs.


Puffer Fish Hot Pot


The hotpot is put together by the server who explains step by step, from the material of the hotpot paper to the broth and finally the ingredients. Made with dashi stock and mineral salts, the level of saltiness can be adjusted to one's preference. Amazing is having the platter transferred from the porcelain plate into the hotpot without a hitch. 


Using the induction cooker, watching our food get cooked was intriguing by itself. The bubbles and steam for one are very different from the typical steel pot. 

Boiled puffer fish surprisingly turned out to be my favourite, the natural flavours and freshness of chewy fugu meat made this hotpot a hit. Those kazu noodles made of konnyaku too are really delicious, especially after soaking up the broth. 



Remember to dunk the ingredients into the sauce, this makes anything so appetizing!







Using the same broth, hokkaido rice is simmered in the broth together with a cracked egg. This is soul food, and so comforting too! 


Dessert (Yuzu, Vanilla, Black Sesame, Green Tea)

The meal was overall very light in nature, right down to the dessert. Sure it left us full but not bursting at the seams. One of those places that deserves at least a visit in this lifetime to check off fugu! 

Guenpin Fugu
Maxwell Chambers

Riverside Grilled Fish 江边城外 @ Raffles City

With a moniker like Riverside Grilled Fish 江边城外, I would expect authentic chinese cuisine. At least the name made it sound like some scenic restaurant along West Lake in Hang Zhou except this is in a concrete jungle in a shopping mall. And so I snapped out of the ideals in my head and decided to give this new kid a go. 

With such a legendary dish on their menu and 5.000,000 sold in the last decade, something has to be great about it. At least I thought.

Instead of peanuts or pickles, they offer sunflower seeds with shells ($2) and this reminded me of CNY. It's more hygenic and addictive too cracking these sunflower seeds before food is served (too fast).

The restaurant is decorated like we were in China, from choice of tableware to chairs and even ornaments.

Spinach with Mixed Nuts ($6.80)

I typically would turn my nose up on cold spinach with raisins and chinese almonds. Yet, this worked its charm on me. The briney cold vegetables with occasional bursts of nuttiness and sweetness was actually addictive.

Signature Chinese Sausage Rice ($8.80)

Portions for 2-3, this simple chinese sausage fried rice was considered a signature and I concur! Tastiest of the lot of dishes and best eaten with their fish.

Spicy Pork Chop Noodles ($10.80)

A humongous letdown with soggy noodles and a barely there cardboard tasting pork chop.

Wanton Soup Noodles ($9.80)

I have nothing palatable to say about their noodles. 

Red Sauce Wanton ($5.80)

I've had very good 紅油抄手s else where and these were hardly stellar. The spicy paste was barely biting and those shrimp wantons were pretty ordinary too.

Grilled Patin Fish ($35)

The single dish that was ever present at all tables. There is a choice of type of fish and it sure looked massive with the copious amounts of dried chillies and peppercorns but hardly as legendary as they claim. Well granted it was fish swimming in chilli oil, and thankfully this did not taste stale and that was really just it. Perhaps things may have worked out better with additional toppings but this was hardly wow apart from the presentation.

Once and probably not again since the dishes from noodles to wantons and even spices did not quite appeal, even the one who frequents China more than I cab was not impressed.

Riverside Grilled Fish 江边城外
Raffles City B1-06/07

Papasan 17 Revisited @ Hotel Boss


Papasan 17 has become the family's hangout for reasonably priced delicious western fare though that is probably the only food and beverage outlet within the hotel that is spacious. There's a dingy looking yakitori shop and also the food court which probably gets majority of the business and it is a pity since Papasan 17 does very decent food.


Crispy Chicken Burritos ($14)

Portions are definitely lopsided since this was way larger as compared to the first attempt! Expect plenty of crunchy greens with an occasional surprise of breaded chicken tenders.


Salmon and Mushrooms Burritos ($15)
Smoked Salmon, Portobello Mushrooms, Lime Mayo

Somehow smoked salmon got lost in the mountain of greens and occasional mushrooms, in comparison, the chicken burrito was tastier than this. The burrito could do with a bit more charring too.


Mentaiko Pink Pasta ($18.90)

Creamy with a generous helping of mentaiko, I am definitely not complaining but non carbonara fans will find this too much. Prawns and fresh and pasta was done just right, this is definitely worth seconds.


Tom Yum Aglio Olio ($17.90)

Personally this was spot on aroi mak mak again, with a tangy and spicy seasoning. Seafood is incredibly fresh and once again, my favourite tom yum pasta around!


Yakiniku Beef Burger ($18)

Beef slices were a tad overcooked but seasoning spot on. This is more of a slider than burger in my opinion, yet that said, still a tasty one!


Filet Steak Ciabatta Sandwich ($22)

I was reminded of Marmalade Pantry's steak sandwich days with this. Crusty and chewy ciabatta with a juicy yet sinewy slice of filet steak. It was surely missing out on some seasoning but otherwise, a legit steak sandwich that brought back heaps of memories.


Fish and Chips ($15)

Beer battered dory fish fillets and chips which had a strong metallic taste, this is a no repeat for me.


Sausages Pizza ($19)

Child's play is having pita bread base topped with an assortment of lamb and beef sausages as well as cheese. My least favourite of the western delights attempted.


Hawaiian Pizza ($17)

Hawaiian is typically a crowd pleaser,  once again I wasn't too impressed with it. Perhaps the pizza base could do with more baking but generally pizzas are not their forte.

Three time I was keen on their Asian delights, thrice their chef is either on leave or on holiday. This just makes me more curious about the dishes and that warrants a forth persistent visit? Else, I'll just take comfort in their delicious tom yum pasta.

Papasan 17
Hotel Boss