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Costa269 @ Holland Avenue

~Invited Session~


Costa Coffee has unveiled a brand new concept at Holland Village - Costa269, one with a hot kitchen and a spanking new All-Day Brunch menu. Plus, the café serves as a testbed for their innovations and that makes us first around the world to taste their creations.


Who does not love all day brunch? Beats having to deal with Saturday crowds when I can have it anytime of the week.

The wholesome menu features a combination of British inspired flavours and classic breakfast favourites. Every order is made fresh-on-demand and designed to complement Costa’s range of handcrafted coffees – all you need for the perfect brunch experience.


Their promise to consumers - made fresh, everyday.


Enticing bites, if only I had an appetite so good for one of everything.


Coffee merchandise lovers rejoice, Costa269 also has a range of collectibles and knick knacks too!




Beef Goulash ($7.90)

A rare sight for a coffee joint cafe, this beef goulash dishes up a hearty meal with tender beef chunks in a bread bowl. These are made in small batches hence very limited in quantities - grab them while you can!


The Hearty Eggs Ben ($17)

The difference between theirs and the mainstream ones lies in the beef patty. This would be a combination of a muffin and a burger in one, except it is served at breakfast.


Avocado on Toast ($11)

This bestseller is certainly worth a try with a generous smear of creamed avocado and poached egg for that added oomph to start the day with.


The Salmon and Scramble Bagel ($14)

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs makes this toasted bagel tick, infact, what can go wrong with smoked salmon? And for that cherry on top of the icing - I usually shun rubbery scrambled eggs and this made me lap every bit up.

Now, for their croffle  items ­– a yummy croissant and waffle hybrid that is unique to the folks of Costa269.


The hearty Great Croffle Fry-Up ($17) offers sautéed mushrooms, a beef sausage and a sunny-side up egg, paying tribute to their British heritage.


Oh hi, morning glory. Egg porn begins with a jab.


Those layers - looks like a waffle and tastes like a croissant. Intriguing combination though one cannot quite tell the difference with eyes closed.


Dessert at breakfast is always a welcomed option for me, sugar rush versus caffeine rush and for the sugar tooth in me - sugar trumps. Very Berry Croffle ($11) is served with a choice of salted caramel, chocolate or vanilla ice cream and topped with sliced strawberries and blueberries dusted with icing sugar.


The mandatory drizzle shot. I actually loved this more than the savoury option!


How playful this flask of iced water, which ends brunch at dinner on a super quenching note. If coffees and juices aren't your thing - this novel jug would.

If you are craving breakfast at dinner, think of Costa269 - sans the crowds and innovative options!

269 Holland Avenue

WOK°15 Kitchen @ ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove

~Invited Session~


WOK°15 at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove has a menu offering everything from the best of local specialties to contemporary Asian interpretations at affordable prices. Helmed by Executive Chef Chum Kar Ho from Hong Kong, he has created a menu with creative twists to suit a variety of palettes.


Japanese Greenhouse Tomato served with Wasabi Infused Sesame Sauce ($8)


This dish was designed to provide refreshment from Singapore’s warm weather. Intricate cutting skills presented - quite an art piece don't you think?


Double Boiled Japanese Chicken Soup with Himematsutake Mushrooms ($38)

I love my soups and this would be one of those soups I would not mind having all the time. Hearty broth for the rainy day!


Delve deep for a medley of Japanese mushrooms, giving the soup an earthier flavour.


Grilled Garoupa Fillet with Beancurd Skin served in Stone Pot ($38)


Created to feed our love for hotpot dishes - this piping hot dish features garoupa fillets tossed in a delectable sauce. Perfect with rice!


B.B.Q Combination Platter (3 Varieties) ($30)

No visit to a cantonese restaurant is complete without trying their roasts. Roasted pork belly was the most oustanding of the three roasts attempted, crispy skin, jellied fats and that salted pork layer. 


Chilli Crab served with Fried Mantou (Seasonal price)

Chef Kum’s reinvented Singapore classic, The Chilli Crab (served over a mini wok) is iconic of the restaurant. Served with fried mantous which is a must when eating chilli crab - tear open them buns and dunk them into the fiery red coloured gravy. 


My favourite part of the crustacean - those meat stuffed pincers doused in a generous scoop of gravy.


Braised Vermicelli with Diced Seafood, Salted Fish, Shrimp Paste and Vegetables ($22)

Tuck into this braised vermicelli for the carb fix, plenty of ingredients tossed into this dish. I say, get a side of cut chilli padi for that oomph. 


Double Boiled Snow Fungus and Osmanthus served in Coconut ($12)


Coconut fragrance runs strong in this hot dessert meant for the rainy days and nourishing sweet finish. Gotta love the goodness packed in every slurp.


An assortment of their first year in this Mooncake business, while the crowd favours the traditional flavour of white lotus paste with salted egg yolk, I say give the longan ginger tea a try - love your candied ginger and this would please you to no end!

WOK°15 Kitchen
ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove 

Contempo by Dragon Phoenix Restaurant @ Civil Service Club


Back in 1963, Master Chef Hooi Kok Wai, one of the Singapore's "4 Heavenly Chefs" opened an eating establishment that all would talk about. I was definitely not in the same era but my own mom has a cook book signed off by one of them!


Contempo by Dragon Phoenix Restaurant at Civil Service Club is by no means a thing of the past, judging from the number of groupon voucher users who do not mind travelling far east just to utilise the voucher.


Grand Lobster Platter

Think appetizer in an old school wedding dinner and this came with the lobster shell even. That said, it brought back memories of the past wedding dinners eaten - lobster salad with more canned fruit and mayo, oriental scrambled egg and saucy jellyfish.


Double-boiled Chicken Consomme with Ginseng

Delicious soup heavy on ginseng - be a fan of herbs and love it.


Braised Whole Abalone with Broccoli and Shiitake Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce

Ordinary chinese new year fare except for the baby abalone that made it luxurious.


Deep-fried Soon Hock in Light Soya Sauce

The meat was bland but saved by the crispy skin and light soya sauce. I figured it would have been frozen anyway, no complaints given the great deal we had nabbed.


Roast Crispy Chicken Flavoured with Deep Fried Garlic

Loved the crispy skin and tender chicken!


Claypot Tom Yum Prawns

I liked this combination tom yum goong, rice vermicelli and prawns. Reasonably fresh prawns with a tangy and spicy broth that gave dinner a refreshing kick.


Twin-flavoured Kai Lan with Silver Fish

Portions of this were too small as compared to the other dishes - that said, we were all glad it was not the usual stir fried vegetables with garlic.


Olive Fried Rice with Chicken Floss

Flavourful combination with olive vegetables, cashew nuts and chicken floss.


Chilled Almond Jelly with Longan

I waved this off as a canned dessert - and this turned out otherwise, silken almond jelly which was surprising.

A pleasant experience at Contempo off the beaten path, except do not expect no crowds because likeminded folks gather there anyhow!

Contempo by Dragon Phoenix Restaurant
2 Netheravon Road

Sunday Borderless Brunch @ Food Capital, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

~Invited Session~

Sundays just got better with the launch of the most extensie Borderless Sunday Brunch at Grand Copthorne Waterfront's Integrated Dining Destination featuring interactive buffet restaurant, Food
Capital, Italian Grill, Grissini and dynamic bar, Tempo.


Diners can also look forward to live entertainment and lovely balloon sculptures by their balloonists as well as face painting by professional face painters. 



A diner's passport is placed at every table - easy for familiarizing where has what!


Oh, bubbly for a weekend - always a good idea.



A dazzling bar by night is converted into a family friendly beverage bar by day. 


Slurpees at a buffet? 


You bet and I had a field day guzzling both Fanta Orange and Ribena. 


Food Capital


Seafood selection that features a number of catches on ice - boston lobsters, prawns, oysters and crab legs.


These mannequins are spotted throughout the buffet area and would be dressed according to various themes throughout the year.


Cold cuts and cheeses always get me very interested.



Amongst the number of stations at Food Capital, I was drawn to this particular stop with such photogenic racks of meat and condiments.


That glistening honeyed layer that shines so brightly, mama mia!


Spot the 15 kilo full lamb that is carved on the spot with a bed of roasted vegetables. A rare sight in my opinion!

Desserts deserves a station of its own! 


Spot the secret stash of sweets in the barrel - methinks this would entice children to no end. 


Nonya kuehs in bird cages anyone? Sounds like a revolution to free the kueh. 


I found the dessert section particularly enthralling with so many hidden treasures - blink and its gone miniature popcorn machine with a number of flavours to experiment with too.



Italian coffee to end of the meal - another treat in store for diners!

With the food tour through my lens complete, here's the chowdown on the number of plates I polished off in full glutton mode.


Slurp the oysters up, pretty fresh ones though a variety of oysters would have been ideal.


I am thankful I saved enough space for their cheeses. The fruit cheese was particularly outstanding for me - that sweet and savoury combination was spot on yummy!


Selection of cured salmon


Asian versus Western, the latter of seafood chowder won.


Between the Josper grill and roast, I say give both a try. These were hugely underrated in the buffet and were actually very tasty.


Foie gras on toast served with fruit compote

These are usually the hottest plates in any buffet because it's foie gras afterall. The toast could have been heated up more and foie gras was just nice in terms of doneness.


Chef made an audacious suggestion to have it paired with a scoop of strawberry icecream, an interesting creation infact.


Sashimi for one.


Laksa for those who need a dose of local food - plough in copious amounts of belachan for that spicy kick.


Don't forget to give their weekend special of prawn noodle a try too!


Indian food always gets me very excited - the colours and flavours exhibited in a single plate. Eyepopping colours made for a very photogenic plate yet the ones that shone were surprisingly the vegetarian curries.


As full as I was, yam icecream and me are such BFFs I needed to have three scoops full of this creamy delight.




Spot the mannequin draped in the colours of Italy. 


Plenty of delectables at Grissini - a whole display of antipasti, nibbles and cold cuts too!



The Josper oven area is one not to be missed (quite literally) since it is located outside the restaurant. Indulge in Josper oven-grilled meats including baby spring chicken, Australian rack of lamb, prime
wagyu beef ribeye, Mediterranean octopus and king prawns. 


The meats are grilled over charcoal and flavoured wood for the extra aromatic punch - OH YUM.


Grissini easily wins my vote for favourite corner in this buffet - particularly the pizza and pasta station.


Lobster linguine topped with boston lobster is worth every calorie. 



Look no further for the latest Sunday Brunch in town with an interesting concept that allows diners to try three dining concepts in a single meal.

Introductory Offer on 11 September

$88++ (with flow of juices and soft drinks)
$128++ (with free flow of Perrier-Jouët  Grand Brut Champagne and house pour wines, juices and soft drinks)

From 18 September onwards

$98++ (with free flow of juices and soft drinks)
$138++ (with free flow of Perrier- Jouët Grand Brut Champagne and house pour wines, juices and soft drinks)