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Tasty Reminiscence (勁回味) @ Hung Hom, Hongkong


Thanks to Openrice's monthly chart of readers' favourites, I found myself hunting down this hole in wall handroll specialist - it was definitely a case of blink and miss it. Infact we went round the building more than twice and nearly queued for the wrong shop before landing ourselves right at the door steps of Tasty Reminiscence.


Order and pay before a post it with my order number written was issued.


I caught sight of these condiments and marveled at the different levels of spiciness for wasabi soya. I'd love a pungent whiff of the spiciest - infact, that nostril chilling sensation is, addictive. 


Canadian or Japanese, I definitely was not expecting the best of its kind in a hand roll. Afterall, it is but HKD 50 and well, it is classified as a street eat.

I would have expected more rolls of sea urchin piled onto my handroll but this was good enough. I probably squeezed enough wasabi sauce for this crispy seaweed draped roll to be finger licking good and wished I ordered another without having to endure another queueing process.


Uni with salmon (HKD 40)

This looked more with the cushioning of salmon at the bottom. Fresh salmon and delicious sea urchin once again.

I don't usually agree with the chart toppers but this is legit and worth the hunt!

Tasty Reminiscence (勁回味)

Shop 21B, G/F, New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

新香園 (堅記) @ Sham Shui Po, Hongkong


Sham Shui Po is one of those neighbourhoods that is fast gaining popularity for its food gems and night markets - and even with my frequent Hong Kong travels, I honestly am not even close to checking off all the neighbourhood eats yet.

新香園 (堅記) is a marriage of convenience (porridge sold next doors and everything else in the main shop) so there is alot of takeaways going on for almost every dish one can think of.


Breakfast, lunch or dinner, they have got it all covered. And yes, sharing of tables is perfectly encouraged and the hongkong vibe runs strong here too - local regulars and loud booming conversations in cantonese. I cannot help but wonder - there really is no concept of privacy at all.


Beef Noodle (HKD 21)

I'd very much prefer to try their famous pig trotter noodles but with the heavy lunch planned, I better not kill my stomach with an equally heavy breakfast.

Alkaline wanton noodles with a dash of oyster sauce and over tenderised beef slices. Somehow I am not such a huge fan of this dish, though oyster sauce with anything works on any homecooked dish.


Beef Omelette sandwich (HKD 19)

Trust the hongkongers to make delicious of minced beef, egg and toasted sandwich bread. The bread in itself is barely impressive - browned and flimsy but stuff in a pan fried beef omelette and we are finally talking business.

Hearty, delightful and somewhat very comforting even for a takeaway. The only time I indulge in sandwiches without my side salad or even a ketchup dollop.

Best sandwich? I may not concur but it was a mighty satisfying one.


Not to mention, their chilli sauce which is quite the bomb too. For future visits to eateries, I have to pay attention to their condiment corner!

新香園 (堅記)
38 Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po

Joy Hing Roast @ Wanchai, Hongkong


I blame the holiday season for the never ending queues and food getting sold out alot earlier than their official timings and that was the exact reason why I ended up at Joy Hing though it was on my to eat list.


Roast goose was clearly sold out and I was left with just one option - mixed roast rice. Lots of chopping sounds heard and the plates brimming with rice, topped with char siew, soya chicken and roast duck and their signature ginger scallion oil was plonked on the table.

Fats was what dominated the roasts in an irresistible manner and I inhaled every bit of it with such joy. Juicy duck, fatty char siew and an equally tasty chicken - the battle of the poultry is neverending though it's possibly only in Hong Kong that I love all of them equally (except goose of course).


A side of blanched greens and dash of oyster sauce, nothing so fancy but it went really well with my roast meat rice.


I just had to post another shot of the delicious roasts, for once, I am a fan of mixing everything together and taking it by the spoonfuls.


Not forgetting this powerhouse of a chilli paste, gives the oomph in the meal.


Table sharing made the experience authentic, together with the brash waitress who decided to berate a customer who only wanted roast goose. Prices are all over their walls too, so a menu is completely unnecessary and that's one of the reasons why I love such experiences.

Michelin bib gourmand or not, this place has the chops and makings of a true blue Hong Kong eatery. I am a huge fan. 

Joy Hing Roast
265-267 Hennessy Rd

Nassim Hill Bistro and Restaurant @ Tanglin Road


I can always count on Nassim Hill for that comforting meal no matter what time of the day or week. Recently, we found ourselves craving for a place to dine, without the fuss and crowds and some decent grub. Didn't help that they were having a corgi meet up there too! Too cute to ignore, though I wish I remembered to take a snap of those gorgeous dogs.



Chilli Crab Pasta ($25)
Jumbo Crab, Chilli Crab Sauce, Spaghetti
I'm always sold on chilli crab pasta, not just chilli crab because this is my favourite crustacean in a dish without getting my fingers dirty at all.


And boy was it a legit gamble. The spiciness was just right and infact, close to my idea of a potent chilli crab dish. Loved the generous crabmeat chunks as well and slurpworthy noodles. In my opinion, best interpretation of chilli crab pasta on our island!


Seabass ($25)
Seared Seabass, Shitake Mushrooms, Sauteed Spinach, Edamame Beans

Despite a fresh and delicious start with the pasta, the seabass had a nosedive with a muddy aftertaste. Sauteed spinach and edamame however was a well put together combination!


Tonkatsu ($21)
Panko crusted pork loin, red cabbage slaw, 75 degree poached egg

While the poached egg was almost an epic fail, it would definitely fare better as part of a breakfast set with kopi. The panko crusted pork loin was stunning on its own, loved the crumbs and crispyness of this gave the Japanese tonkatsu a run for its money.

Portions are a tad small overall, except for pasta. Delicious fare and worth returning for! 

Nassim Hill Bakery
55 Tanglin Road

Macarons by WinifredKristeCake

Mention Winifred Kriste and her gorgeous customized wedding cakes come to mind - and since getting married only happens once in a lifetime, the only non-wedding confectionery that I could sample were her macarons. And even then, these come with a stoke of chance -they only do preorders at pop ups for these treats.


Seven of these top 7 flavoured colourful babies made their way into my cart - putting my fastest fingers first skills to such great use. Sold out in just 24 hours of posting too.


So how they they measure up?

Salted Egg Yolk
Pistachio Praline
Caramelised Cookie
Raspberry Chocolate
Cranberry Cheesecake
Lavender Earl Grey Chocolate

Beautiful sounding flavours in beautiful hues - except they were not uniformly shaped. Some ended up larger than the rest and fitted oddly into their macaron box. Delicate crumbly shells sandwiching their flavoured innards. I won't say I was blown away (and truth be told, to topple the bar set by Pierre Herme is mission impossible) though chewy shells would have been nice, and this was one of those eat to check out the hype situations.

Yan @ National Art Gallery


National Art Gallery somehow found a place in my food-tionary and I have been checking off their food and beverage establishments one at a time. Yan, belongs to a completely different section of NAG, infact the extreme end from Odette but super near Gallery and Co.

Specializing in Cantonese fare, Yan offers ala carte and omakase options.


Prawns cooked in dual styles deep-fried with thousand island sauce and wasabi-mayo ($36)

Crispy battered prawns in two styles and while wasabi mayo is the preferred choice most of the time, both versions tasted similar. No clear favourite here.


Sautéed scallops with fresh mushrooms and asparagus ($36)

Bouncy scallops in such countable quantities, I always have a love-hate dilemma ordering scallops at a chinese dinner.


Sweet and sour pork with fresh pineapple ($20)

Deep fried pork nibblets doused in a tangy pineapple and tomato sauce which made for a super delicious dish that I can never resist ordering. Loved the wok hei and flavours put together - just the right balance infact.


Sauteed Beef Cubes with Ginger, Spring Onion and Vinegar ($28)

Beef cubes were expectedly tender except the ginger slices were cut a tad too thick.


Seasonal Greens Wok-fried with X.O. Sauce ($27)

X.O. sauce made the dish pop, a different order from the usual garlic stir fry.


Braised Eefu Noodles ($27)

Lacking in wok hei here (very strangely) and somewhat soggy, almost an expected disappointment even after that stunning plate of sweet and sour pork.


Chilled mango crème with sago and fresh peel pomelo ($8)


Chilled apricot with sea coconut and basil seed ($8)


Steamed custard bun filled with salted egg yolk (3 pieces) ($6)

I always look forward to dimsum at dinner, infact, I'd be happy to have brunch all day long. This custard bun with salted egg yolk bore traces of coconut milk and was more sweet than savoury. A pretty decent drippy affair. 

A mediocre affair at Yan's and this was heard within ear shot in cantonese "These two tables are using the entertainer app, be careful what you recommend." Service was not great but clearly, better at the full paying tables. I am already miffed at the difference in service standards and the average food perhaps justified for a no-return.

National Art Gallery

Kam's Roast @ Pacific Plaza

~Invited Session~


By now, it is no secret that two timed Michelin starred Kam's Roast has swam its way up our shores and invaded Pacific Plaza with their award winning roast dishes.


The appetizers of chilled cucumber and black fungus were actually tasty and mildly spicy too. 


Suckling Pig
Roast Pork

Teething problems may have got in the way of serving up a piping hot platter but that said, both still retained that crunch when teeth was sunk into the skins.


Roast Duck

While the famous goose is nowhere to be found, the management has promised discussions with NEA are underway and in the near future, fans need not flap all the way to Hong Kong for the legendary. Well, one can only hope and keep calm right?


The roasted cousin, the duck was perfected after rounds of blind taste tests and even their regulars could not tell them apart, it seems.

I would beg to differ on this, however.  Though same, but there are differences somewhat. The chef certainly nailed that signature crispy skin and tenderness but there is indeed more bite in the goose than duck and an unmistakable lingering fragrance in the latter.

Dig deep for those braised yellow beans that pack a chewy bite too and the lard packed gravy that promises a satisfying and sinful meal.


Drizzle over rice, the best combination ever.

Soya Sauce Chicken

Less outstanding than the duck, though more tender than the usual roast and steamed white chickens I usually eat.


‘Toro’ Char Siu, Char Siu

Before this, I'd have ranked KL's char siew one up from ours. Until these amazing babies, the game is reversed.


'Toro' Char Siu aptly named is the winning dish for me with that perfect belly fats and meat ratio, rendering this completely melt in the mouth. The tuna belly of char siu, literally.

The normal char siu also worked well for me, loved the bite though some consider it too tough but the flavours and sticky sauce were amazing!


Wonton Noodles

Alkaline noodles served with chives, sorry not a fan.


Red Bean Soup with Aged Orange Peel

Exclusive to Singapore, one has to love her red bean soup slightly bitter to appreciate this.


Queues are expected since the queues at their flagship in Hongkong peaked at 150 in queue just the same weekend as its opening. The struggle is real - stay in Singapore for their spot on char siu or pay for a ticket for a shot at their geese.

Kam's Roast
9 Scotts Road, #01-04/05/06/07